Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool 2.2.0

Release Date

Feature repositories in the Jubula space to allow updates of Kepler installations


The UI is based on e4 RCP.

The Remote Control components will support Swing, SWT, RCP 3.x and RCP 4.x (e4).


UI: Support for Eclipse standard I18N is included. The project provides an english language version. Part of the software has been translated by the Babel project.

Target Environments

Eclipse Kepler SR1, Eclipse Luna

Miniumum JRE: 1.7

Microsoft Windows (tested on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

Linux (tested on CentOS 5)

Mac OSX (tested on Mountain Lion)

Name Date Description
RC 3 2013/10/22 Last Release Candidate, aimed to get feedback at EclipseCon Europe
RC 2 2013/10/15
RC 1 2013/10/08

Open sourcing

Various parts of the closed source GUIdancer tool will be made available at What will be here is mostly dependent on the compatibility with the EPL. Non-compatible sources will be made available at

ALM integration

Using Mylyn and Mylyn connectors interoperability between Jubula and various ALM tools will be improved.