Eclipse LSAT 0.1

This release contains the Eclipse LSAT™ initial contribution. This version is a port of ESI LSAT v2.0.1 that is prepared for its release to the Eclipse foundation, including:

Software upgrades

  • Eclipse Neon → Eclipse 2020-06
  • ESI TRACE v0.63 → Eclipse TRACE4CPS v0.1
  • TU/e CIF3 → Eclipse ESCET v0.1


  • Modular setting files
  • Expression language
  • Resource pools; more concise specifications
  • User-defined attributes in dispatching file e.g., for product tracking
  • Multiple phases in dispatching file e.g., set-up, steady-flow and tear-down
  • Dependencies between activities

Motion calculator

  • Motion profiles: support for rotational movements
  • APIs for integration of motion libraries (JSON and/or Java)

For more information:

Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
Name Date Description
0.1-M1 2022/09/26 0.1-M1
0.1-RC1 2022/10/12 0.1-RC1