Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform 1.1.0

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m2e-wtp aims at providing a tight integration between Apache Maven and Maven Integration for Eclipse (a.k.a m2e) on one hand and the Eclipse Web Tools Project (a.k.a WTP) on the other hand.
It provides a set of m2e connectors configuring Java EE projects in WTP, from their maven plugin configuration.
m2e-wtp also brings some advanced Maven features to the IDE, such as dynamic resource filtering or war overlays.
m2e 1.1.0 is a maintenance release with a focus on bug fixes. The main new feature is the ability to enable/disable m2e-wtp entirely, either from Eclipse Preferences or from Maven properties defined in pom.xml. XML templates are provided for such properties in the pom editor. More details are available at
m2e 1.1.0 requires m2e 1.5.0 and is compatible with Eclipse Kepler and Luna releases.


Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
This release is part of Luna.
Release Type: 
Minor release