MicroProfile® Config 1.0

Release Date

The MicroProfile config defines an efficient programming model to configure microservices, which makes microservices portable across platforms. This feature offers the following functionalities:

  1. aggregate the config sources (default and custom provided ones) and order them according to their ordinal
  2. loosely couple the configuration with the application, which makes the microservice configurable without being repacked.


Some of the usages of the APIs are as follows:

1. CDI-based

@Inject Config config

@Inject @ConfigProperty(name="myKey") int myValue;


2. non-CDI based

Config config = ConfigProvider.getConfig();

int myValue = config.getValue("myKey", Integer.class);


The deliverables (https://ci.eclipse.org/microprofile/job/CONFIG-maven-snapshots/) for this Config release is api jar, tck jar (optional) and spec doc.




n/a as this is the first version of the release.

Target Environments