OSGi® Technology Project 1.2.0 osgi-test

Updates since 1.1.0:

  • Fixes to how the BundleContext for a Class is computed. There is now a ContextHelper class which provide a common implementation and exceptions when no BundleContext is available.
  • org.osgi.test.junit5 now exports the org.osgi.test.common.annotation package without substitution. The means that if both the org.osgi.test.junit4 and org.osgi.test.junit5 bundles are installed, then the org.osgi.test.common.annotation package from org.osgi.test.junit5 will be used since its annotations are decorated with ExtendWith annotations.
  • ServiceExtension is updated to better handle generic wildcard use.

Dependency updates:

  • assertj-core: 3.23.1
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