Eclipse Package Drone 0.12.0

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This is first release as Eclipse Package Drone. It concludes the project transition to the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure. The source code is hosted in an Eclipse GitHub repository and built on an Eclipse HIPP instance.

Maven import with dependency resolution. It is now possible to let Package Drone resolve Maven dependencies during the import process. A summary is shown where optional and required dependencies are listed and already imported artifacts as well. The user can make a choice what to import.

Develop and run on Windows. Up until now Package Drone could only be developed, built, tested and run on a Linux like platform. For this version it is also possible to use the Windows platform. Although it might not be as well tested, all unit and integration tests run fine.

Minor enhancements. A few minor enhancements have been made. For example is not possible to assign multiple alias names to a channel.

Bug fixes. Of course there are bug fixes, improvements and cleanups in all components.

Also see 0.12.0/NewAndNoteworthy in the Eclipse Wiki.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Release Type: 
Minor release