Eclipse Package Drone 0.13.0

This is second release at Eclipse. It features the new trigger system and a few cleanups and bug fixes.

Trigger system. This is the most noteworthy new feature of this release. It is not possible to hook up actions at various trigger points and execute these exections when triggers are fired. It is also possible to create new instances of triggers. As an example you can have one or more "cleanup actions" configured which get executed on the internal "Post Add" channel event or create a new instance of the "HTTP Endpoint" event and get executed once the HTTP endpoint is accessed.

RPM write support. The internal RPM library got support for writing out RPM files. This is currently not hooked up to Package Drone itself but paves the way for platform independent signing of RPM files in the future.

Minor enhancements. A few minor enhancements have been made. The main channel list has been re-desgined a little bit, the P2 Unzipper can now extract the P2 meta data for re-using it.

POM less build. Thanks to a contributor we now have a nearly POM less build! Thanks to @kdoteu.

Bug fixes. Of course there are bug fixes, improvements and cleanups in all components.

Also see 0.13.0/NewAndNoteworthy in the Eclipse Wiki.


Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
M2 2016/04/15