Eclipse Passage 1.0.0

This release is major rework of Eclipse Passage based on the feedback from the 0.x stream

  • Make the implementation stateless to avoid complex entities like "FeatureInspector".
  • Simplify facade for developer, just several methods are needed for external use:
    1. can use license
    2. acquire license
    3. release license
  • Replace OSGi dynamic components with "sealed" configuration to improve the grade of license protection
  • Assure user artifacts compatibility: licenses and metadata from older versions should be readable
  • Implement basics for "floating licensing" scenario
Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2020-09
Name Date Description
1.0.0 M1 2020/07/18
1.0.0 M2 2020/08/05
1.0.0 M3 2020/08/26
1.0.0 RC1 2020/09/02
1.0.0 RC2 2020/09/09