Eclipse Code Recommenders 2.1.0

Release Date


Jayes Bayesian Network Library (co-developed with Code Recommenders)

  • Significant performance improvements
  • More compact binary serialization format (JBIF)

Code Recommenders 2.1.0 aims at binary compatibility with Code Recommenders 2.0.x. Code Recommenders does not maintain binary backwards compatibility with earlier versions. The Code Recommenders update sites all offer a migration feature (installed automatically, if necessary) that allows for seamless migration from Code Recommenders 1.x to 2.x.

The recommendation models consumed by Code Recommenders 2.x are incompatible with those consumed by Code Recommenders 1.x. As part of the Code Recommeders 2.1.0 release, newly mined recommendation models compatible with Code Recommenders 2.x will be available from


Eclipse Code Recommenders is fully internationalized. The Code Recommenders project relies on the Eclipse Babel project for localization. The progress of translation differs from language to language, but according to Babel’s translation statistics the translation of Code Recommenders 2.x has already progressed farther than that of Code Recommenders 1.0 (part of Kepler).

Target Environments

All platforms supported by Eclipse 4.2 (Juno), 4.3 (Kepler), and 4.4 (Luna).

Code Recommenders itself requires JRE 1.6 or newer.

Name Date Description
M1 2014/04/16 Snipmatch code snippet seach
M2 2014/05/14 Snippets view and Snippet Editor. Merge of Snipmatch incubator project with main Code Recommenders codebase.
M3 2014/05/21 Stability improvements. (This milestone release marks the feature freeze for Code Recommenders 2.1.0)
R 2014/06/25 Release New recommendation models are data-mined based on the Eclipse Luna RC1 codebase.
This release is part of Luna