Eclipse Code Recommenders 2.4.0

This release includes a new installable feature: Code Recommenders News Feed. This feature allows users to subscribe to RSS news feeds and be notified of new articles in their IDE. Moreover, it allows plugins to pre-configure news feeds to inform the user, e.g., about updates or tips and tricks.

Code Recommenders itself and Code Recommenders Snipmatch received only minor bug fixes in this release.


Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Neon
Name Date Description
M1 2016/03/14 Preview of Neon M6 contribution
M2 2016/03/23 Neon M6 contribution
M3 2016/05/04 Neon M7 contribution
M4 2016/05/18 Neon RC1 contribution
M5 2016/05/25 Code Freeze. Neon RC2 contribution
R 2016/06/22 Final release