Eclipse Code Recommenders 2.5.0

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This release includes new functionality:

Code Recommenders Statics-Completion

Statics-completion will provide users with recommendations as to which static method to call. For example, when triggering content assist on java.util.Collections, the proposals for emptyList may be highlighted, along with a percentage how likely such a call is. (In the future, these recommendations may be extented to accesses to static fields, like EMPTY_LIST.)

This functionality is part of the Code Recommenders for Java Developers feature. For Oxygen.2 (to which Code Recommenders 2.5.0 will be contributed) statics-completion will be disabled by default. Users will have to explicitly enable on the Code Recommenders > Completions preference page.

After some experience with the feature has been gained, the feature is planned to become enabled by default for Oxygen.3.


Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
This release is part of 2018-09, Eclipse Photon, and Eclipse Oxygen.
Release Type: 
Minor release