Eclipse Code Recommenders 2.5.0

This release includes new functionality:

Code Recommenders Statics-Completion

Statics-completion will provide users with recommendations as to which static method to call. For example, when triggering content assist on java.util.Collections, the proposals for emptyList may be highlighted, along with a percentage how likely such a call is. (In the future, these recommendations may be extented to accesses to static fields, like EMPTY_LIST.)

This functionality is part of the Code Recommenders for Java Developers feature. For Oxygen.2 (to which Code Recommenders 2.5.0 will be contributed) statics-completion will be disabled by default. Users will have to explicitly enable on the Code Recommenders > Completions preference page.

After some experience with the feature has been gained, the feature is planned to become enabled by default for Oxygen.3.


Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
M1 2017/11/15 Oxygen.2 RC1 contribution
M2 2017/11/22 Oxygen.2 RC2 contribution
M3 2017/11/29 Oxygen.2 RC3 contribution
R 2017/12/20 Final release