Eclipse TEA™ (Tasking Engine Advanced) 1.2.0

Release Date
  • Addition of Tasks and Taskchains for building Eclipse RCP Products using TEA.
  • Introduce parallel processing of Tasks if the Taskchain supports doing so.
  • Improvements and fixes related to target platform handling.
  • Improvements and fixes related to handling of classpaths.
  • Improvements and fixes related to interaction with Eclipse's autobuild.
  • Update EASE integration dependencies.
  • Interact with Eclipse's indexer to avoid performance and file locking issues.
  • Fixes for running on newer Java Versions (15 and above).
  • Improvements to progress and error reporting facilities.
  • Improved (automatic) dark theme support for the tasking console.
  • Improvements and fixes related to long running actions on the UI thread.
  • ... many more improvements, making TEA work well with newest Eclipse releases.

This release is compatible with 1.0.0, with additional APIs added and various fixes incorporated.