Eclipse aCute - C# and .NET Core development tools in Eclipse IDE 0.3.2

Release Date

Eclipse aCute 0.3.2 ships

  • Sources as a Git tag
  • a p2 repository

The main deliverable for Eclipse aCute is still the Eclipse Marketplace entry


Eclipse aCute 0.3.2 is compatible with 0.3.1. So users of 0.3.1 should be able to upgrade to 0.3.2 without issue.


aCute is internationalized with the Eclipse NLS framework.

Target Environments

Eclipse aCute 0.3.2 is tested against Eclipse 4.11, but it should work with future or older versions.


Upgrade OmniSharp-Roslyn language server

Releng & QA

* Move to pom-less build * Move to Jenkinsfile * Move to clustered Jenkins and build environment as Dockerfile * More tests