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The purpose of Eclipse Andmore is to provide Android Eclipse tooling without having to go through multiple steps.

The technology development involves integrating and refactoring the Google ADT plugins as necessary to work with the project. Similarly, the former MOTODEV plugins have components that can be integrated into the project.

Andmore includes:

  • JDT for Android Java applications.

  • CDT for C/C++ shared libraries.

  • Gradle tooling (details TBD)

  • Maven Build support via the M2E-Android Eclipse Plugin.

  • Ant support via the built in Eclipse support for ANT.

  • A fork of Google's ADT (Android Development Tools) plugins for Eclipse. These are maintained separately from Google's code line at AOSP, which will not be updated with any regularity.

  • The former MOTODEV Studio Plugins (now part of the Android Open Source Project) upgraded to work with ADT.

  • A p2 repository and product build using tycho.

  • Mylyn Reviews for Gerrit Review integration.

  • EGit for source code management.

  • GitHub Plugin from EGit for better collaboration with GitHub projects.

In addition to components, Andmore will produce an EPP package.

This project is part of Neon.
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From June 25th, 2016 to January 25th, 2017

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