Eclipse Andmore


The project develops and maintains technologies for creating Android applications. This ranges from creating new Eclipse components and updating existing components that support Android development to a downloadable package that can be used for new developers and students. The project will maintain parity with current development trends in phones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, embedded Android, and future directions for Android development.

The Andmore EPP package will have the core IDE, JDT, CDT, the Android Eclipse plugins, Maven, Gradle, Gerrit, Git, and the relevant functionality from the former MOTODEV tools. The purpose of this package is is to provide an environment that is easily installed and configured for the least amount of confusion and the quickest time to development. Download the official Android SDK and Proteus, that's all you need.

The project will not focus on teaching new developers how to write Android applications.

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Name Date
0.5.1 2017-01-25
0.5.0 2016-06-25
Name Date
Eclipse Andmore 0.5.0 Release Review 2016-06-22
Creation Review 2014-12-17