Eclipse Dartboard 0.1

This is the first release of Dartboard offering support for developing Dart programs. It provides wizard for creating and importing projects, a language server based editor integration and the ability to run Dart programs.


Add ability to run a dart project via "Run As"

Add "New Dart file" & "New Dart project" to "New" context menu

Add dart preference page for the the dart-sdk

Pub support

Stagehand support

Remove 32bit from pom.xml

Change light theme to something nicer

Handle "Unsupported notification method: $/analyzerStatus"

Use CBI license feature for dartboard

Provide Dart wizards

No error / warning if Dart SDK is not installed

Add icon to run Dart project

Streamline import of projects

Need to provide icon for dart content type

Allow to create launch configuration during attempt to start file

Add Dartboard to about dialog

Bug Fixes

ErrorStream not shown in console output

Issues with Dart preference page

Dart console not closed after execution

Execute of program freezes Eclipse 

ClassCastException when typing on Dart preference page

Launch shortcut is not available on editor

Auto-detect Dart SDK in preference page does not work for existing workspace

NPE occurs when Dart SDK location changes on the preference page.

Unhandled event loop exception while typing in SDK location field on preference page

BadLocationException while modifying the dart file

NPE in Run as Dart Program

NullPointerException on dart file close

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Release Type
Major release (API breakage)