Eclipse Oomph 1.2.0

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This release focuses on:
  • Increased stability and performance
  • Enhanced authoring capabilities, such as
    • Better text editing support in the Properties view
    • Find/Replace support in the Setup editor
    • Support for importing .epf preference files
    • Support for capturing existing preferences from the IDE
    • Support for recording new preferences into any setup model
    • More drag and drop support, e.g., to create targlet tasks directly from Git clones
  • More and more flexible setup tasks, such as
    • Tasks for refreshing and/or building the workspace
    • Add a relativeProductFolder attribute to InstallationTask
    • Add IUGenerators for Sites, Categories and Products
    • Add a predicate that matches only projects that are already imported into the workspace
    • Support for custom bootstrap tasks
  • Enhancements to the preference recording facilities
    • Entirely new PreferencePoliciesDialog with grouping, shorter labels and more choices
    • Open the PreferencePoliciesDialog's help tray for first time users
    • Detection and better handling of XML blob preferences
    • Recording into different target files
Release Date: 
Friday, September 25, 2015
Release Type: 
Minor release