Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java™ 2.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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The main goal of the Mobile Tools for Java TM (MTJ) 2.0 release is to extend existing MTJ plugin with Java ME 8 Embedded development support.

The scope of MTJ 2.0 is listed below:

  • Migration to Eclipse Luna

  • Java ME 8 Embedded development support

    • CLDC 1.8 configuration (JSR 360) support

    • MEEP 8.0 profile (JSR 361) support

    • Better IMP-NG profile (JSR 228) support

    • JDK 7 default compliance level for MEEP based projects

    • No preverfication for MEEP based projects

    • LIBlets support: development, project dependencies, signing and provisioning

    • MEEP security model support (since MEEP 8.0 permissions mechanism was significantly changed and similar to Java SE now).

  • Code Validation Builder (provide an ability to perform pre-compilation analysis and generating of warnings for Java source files by 3rd party plugins created on top of MTJ).

  • Support Java ME APIs javadocs provided as ZIP archives.

  • Bug fixes.