Eclipse Wild Web Developer 0.2.0

Release Date
  • Wild Web Developer 0.2.0 is shipped as a p2 repository
  • Wild Web Developer is advertized on Eclipse Marketplace .
  • Wild Web Developer ships a git tag for 0.2.0:

Wild Web Developer 0.2.0 currently isn't providing anything as an API so its compatibility isn't an issue so far.

It's backward-compatible with 0.1.0 so upgrading for 0.1.0 to 0,2,0 should work and be profitable without specific effort.

It's tested with Eclipse Platfom 4.11 and LSP4E 0.9.0; but may work with older versions.


Wild Web Developer isn't internationalized, but it doesn't show many labels to end-users.

Target Environments

Wild Web Developer is tested against Eclipse Platform 4.11 and LSP4E 0.9.0. It may work with older versions, but this is not guaranteed.


Yaml support

Support good quality Yaml edition, relying on existing language server

Bugfixes improvements

This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-03