Koneki 0.8.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Koneki project delivers tools to facilitate the development of Machine-to-Machine solutions. The 0.8 release focuses on the following tools:
  • LDT (Lua Development Tools)– Lua is a lightweight scripting language usually used to develop mobile and M2M solutions. Koneki will provide a set of plug-ins allowing to write and debug Lua code.
  • OMA-DM client and simulator– OMA Device Management is an XML-based protocol used to manage mobile devices. Koneki will provide an OMA-DM client and an interactive simulator allowing to synchronize the nodes and values of a local management tree with a remote OMA-DM server.
  • M2MIWG application model tooling– The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group will define a model of an M2M application. Koneki will provide an editor of this model, as well as a tool allowing to create a new OMA-DM simulation scenario for a given M2M application model.
This release is part of Juno.