Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry

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Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry (CFT) provide an extensible framework and common UI to deploy applications to different Cloud Foundry targets, and it is a framework that closely integrates with Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Eclipse. It allows application scaling and services management from the same Eclipse-based IDE where applications are developed. Applications can also be debugged on Cloud Foundry using the built-in Eclipse debugger. This makes it very convenient for developers to work on applications running on CF.

The Cloud Foundry Tools are not specialized to just work with a specific Cloud Foundry platform. It allows users to set various Cloud Foundry targets, may it be public Cloud Foundry-based platforms like Pivotal Web Services, IBM Bluemix, or others.


Updates containing fixes for known bugs in the latest releases available from the downloads section and the Eclipse marketplace.

CFT is a +3 project as part of the Eclipse Simultaneous release.

This project is part of 2018-09, Eclipse Photon, Eclipse Oxygen, and Neon.
Latest Releases: 

From June 23rd, 2016 to June 27th, 2018

1.2.0 (Photon)2018-06-27Review
1.1.2 (Oxygen.2)2017-12-20
1.1.1 (Oxygen.1)2017-09-27
1.1.0 (Oxygen)2017-06-28Review
1.0.3 (Neon.3)2017-03-23
1.0.2 (Neon.2)2016-12-21
1.0.1 (Neon SR1)2016-09-23
1.0 (Neon)2016-06-23Review
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