Eclipse 4diac™ 1.10.0

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4diac IDE:

  • Support for Simple FBs
  • Update to Eclipse 2018-09 as base platform
  • Add FMI exporter
  • Stabilize Sub-app support (e..g, monitoring in subapps
  • Harmonize deployment and monitoring and improve the usability of the deployment process
  • Usability improvements

4diac FORTE:

  • Cleanup core and monitoring for speed and maintainance improvement
  • Create always a forte library when compiling, and then for an executable compile a main file to the library
  • Analyze the posibilities to have a common main file for all architectures
  • Add system tests to the boost tests
  • Add FMI Capabilities
  • Add support for ROS
  • New devices and operating systems
    • Phoenix Contact PLCnext
    • freeRTOS
    • PikeOS
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
1.10.0 RC1 2018/10/20 Feature freeze for 1.10 release.
1.10.0 RC2 2018/10/29
1.10.0 2018/11/12