Eclipse 4diac™ 1.11.0

The goals for this release are:

  • Migrate to EPL 2.0
  • 4diac IDE
    • Externalize all translateable strings for allowing translations of 4diac IDE to different languages
    • Improve usability and user experience for starters and power users
    • Fix remaining issues in Lua Code generation
  • 4diac FORTE
    • Stabilze dynamic type loading with Lua
    • Device neutral access to the current time and rework of the time conversion functions needed to work with this times
    • Support for the Arrowhead framework
    • Better integrate the FB unit test framework into the boost test infrastructure
    • Cleanup, stabilization and add of features for the OPC UA Module (using v1.0 from open62541)
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
1.11.0 RC1 2019/09/01 Feature freeze and first release candidate for 1.11.0