Eclipse 4diac™ 1.10.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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Use this page for ideas for the next release:


4diac IDE:

  • Support for Simple FBs
  • Update to Eclipse 2018-09 as base platform
  • Add FMI exporter
  • Stabilize Sub-app support (e..g, monitoring in subapps
  • Harmonize deployment and monitoring and improve the usability of the deployment process
  • Usability improvements

4diac FORTE:

  • Cleanup core and monitoring for speed and maintainance improvement
  • Create always a forte library when compiling, and then for an executable compile a main file to the library
  • Analyze the posibilities to have a common main file for all architectures
  • Add system tests to the boost tests
  • Add FMI Capabilities
  • Add support for ROS
  • New devices and operating systems
    • Phoenix Contact PLCnext
    • freeRTOS
    • PikeOS
Security Issues

No know issues and no fixed issues.

Non-Code Aspects

Reworked most Eclipse 4daic tutorials, to only not cover the latest changes in 4diac IDE but also make them clearer and easier to work through.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Usability is a key driver for the developments done for 4diac IDE. With this realease more features are accesible from the main menu (e.g., application navigation, deployment and device interaction). The biggest usability improvement is for the deployment and monitoring of application. There 4diac IDE dedects state in devcies and in other IDE componetns and eithter automatically handles the user's task correctly or aks for the correct actions.