Eclipse 4diac™ 1.11.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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The goals for this release are:

  • Migrate to EPL 2.0
  • 4diac IDE
    • Externalize all translateable strings for allowing translations of 4diac IDE to different languages
    • Improve usability and user experience for starters and power users
    • Fix remaining issues in Lua Code generation
  • 4diac FORTE
    • Stabilze dynamic type loading with Lua
    • Device neutral access to the current time and rework of the time conversion functions needed to work with this times
    • Support for the Arrowhead framework
    • Better integrate the FB unit test framework into the boost test infrastructure
    • Cleanup, stabilization and add of features for the OPC UA Module (using v1.0 from open62541)
Security Issues

No know issues and no fixed issues.

Non-Code Aspects

Further improved  Eclipse 4daic tutorials, to only not cover the latest changes in 4diac IDE but also make them clearer and easier to work through.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Usability and user experience was also a key driver behind the developments done in this release cycle for 4diac IDE. We focused on improving many small details that where anoying and disturbed the development workflow. Espeically the a harmonisation of the property sheets regarding look and feel was done. 

With the improvement of thy dynamic type loading done in our Google Summer of Code project the biggest show stopper in Eclipse 4diac  the development cycle was further reduced.