Eclipse NeoSCADA 0.4.0

Release Date

The following components will be delivered:

  • OSGi P2 repositories – All java based components will be available as OSGi bundles, contained in P2 repositories.
  • Maven Repository
  • Ready to run applications
    • Admin Client Application (ESAC) – This will be a a read-to-run application which provides administrative and testing access to Eclipse SCADA services.
  • Installation packages
    • Debian based (deb)
    • RedHat based (rpm & yum)
    • Windows (msi)
  • Eclipse Platform Plugins – Components that extend the Eclipse IDE
    • Configurator – This will be an extension to the Eclipse IDE. It will generate configuration artifacts for an easier setup and configuration.



This release should be fully backwards compatible with the Eclipse NeoSCADA release 0.3.x.


The main language will be English. Some components are translated into German.

Target Environments

This release targets the Eclipse Neon Release.

It requires Java 8.

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Linux 32bit/64bit (Ubuntu 16.04+, RHEL 7, CentOS 7, Suse 13.x)
  • Windows 32bit/64bit 7+
  • Mac OS X (User Interface Only)

The software might still run on other operating system variants.


Name Date Description
M4 2016/12/01