Eclipse Kura 1.4.0

Release Date


  • Improvements to WiFi configuration to prevent unnecessary interface toggling
  • Remove and net.admin bundles from "no networking" installations
  • Various bug fixes and improvements for modem support
  • Allow OSGi ManagedService as a Kura ConfigurableComponent
  • Modified the local web-UI adding a check in order to block SSIDs longer than 32 characters
  • Removed web-UI filtering for SSIDs: now all is demanded to the wi-fi system applications
  • Moved emulator projects into dedicated folder
  • Reduce number of keySet iterator uses in lieu of entrySet iterator
  • Reordered the SSL features: now are all in Settings

  • Modified build in order to include checks for Java 8 compact 2 compliance

  • Introduced new deployment application (named DEPLOY-V2) that improves updates download from the cloud platform

  • New firewall management, now based on iptables-save and iptables-restore

  • Firewall: allowed open port entries for tcp and udp on the same port

  • Firewall: enabled the support for port ranges when defining open port entries

  • Linux build date/version is now published in the birth certificate as part of the os.version metric

  • Improvements to the Development Environment

Isses Addressed:


This release of Kura is compatible with prevous v1.x versions of Kura.

Target Environments

Eclipse Kura v1.4.0 is intended to run on:

  • Java 1.7 or above
  • OSGi 4.2 or above

Eclipse Kura v1.4.0 has been validated using Java 1.7, Java 1.8, and Equinox 3.8.1.