Eclipse Mosquitto 1.4.11

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- Fix crash when "lazy" type bridge attempts to reconnect. Closes #259.
- maximum_connections now applies to websockets listeners. Closes #271.
- Allow bridges to use TLS with IPv6.
- Don't error on zero length persistence files. Closes #316.
- For http only websockets clients, close files served over http in all cases
  when the client disconnects. Closes #354.
- Fix error message when websockets http_dir directory does not exist.
- Improve password utility error message. Closes #379.
- Use of --ciphers no longer requires you to also pass --tls-version.
  Closes #380.
Client library:
- Clients can now use TLS with IPv6.
- Fix potential socket leakage when reconnecting. Closes #304.
- Fix potential negative timeout being passed to pselect. Closes #329.
Release Date: 
Monday, February 20, 2017
Release Type: 
Service release (bug fixes only)