Eclipse Mosquitto 1.4.15

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- Use constant time memcmp for password comparisons.
- Fix incorrect PSK key being used if it had leading zeroes.
- Fix memory leak if a client provided a username/password for a listener with
  use_identity_as_username configured.
- Fix use_identity_as_username not working on websockets clients.
- Don't crash if an auth plugin returns MOSQ_ERR_AUTH for a username check on
  a websockets client. Closes #490.
- Fix test when using async dns lookups. Closes #507.
- Lines in the config file are no longer limited to 1024 characters long.
  Closes #652.
- Fix $SYS counters of messages and bytes sent when message is sent over
  a Websockets. Closes #250.
- Fix upgrade_outgoing_qos for retained message. Closes #534.
- Fix CONNACK message not being sent for unauthorised connect on websockets.
  Closes #8.

Client library:
- Fix incorrect PSK key being used if it had leading zeroes.
- Initialise "result" variable as soon as possible in
  mosquitto_topic_matches_sub. Closes #654.
- No need to close socket again if setting non-blocking failed. Closes #649.
- Fix mosquitto_topic_matches_sub() not correctly matching foo/bar against
  foo/+/#. Closes #670.

- Correctly handle empty files with "mosquitto_pub -l". Closes #676.

- Don't run TLS-PSK tests if TLS-PSK disabled at compile time. Closes #636.


Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Release Type: 
Service release (bug fixes only)