Eclipse OM2M 1.0.0 Release Review

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Eclipse OM2M 1.0.0 offers an open source OSGi-based implementation of the oneM2M standard. It provides a horizontal IoT service platform based on RESTful API for developing services independently of the underlying network, with the aim to facilitate the deployment of vertical applications and heterogeneous devices.

Main supported features:

  • Nodes: IN-CSE, MN-CSE, ASN-CSE, and ADN.
  • Reference Points: MCA, and MCC.
  • Resource types: CSEBase, RemoteCSE, ACP, AE, Container, ContentInstance, Subscription, Group, Node, Request, PoA, etc.
  • Request primitives: Retrieve, Create, Update, Delete, and Notify.
  • Addressing formats: Structured and Unstructured. 
  • Addressing modes: Absolute, SP-relative, and CSE-Relative.
  • Protocol Bindings: HTTP and CoAP.
  • Content Formats: XML and JSON.
  • Communication Modes: Blocking, Non Blocking Syhcnronous, and Non Blocking Asynchrnonous.
  • Multihop: retargeting via PoA.
  • Storage mode: SQL and NoSQL (SQL H2 by default)
  • Security: SSL/TLS

Fixed bugs:

  • Bug 494086 - Top level node in JSON representation now with m2m: prefix
  • Bug 494911 - Issues in CoAP binding
  • Bug 494090 - Enable wildcard for AccessControl originators
  • Bug 494087 - hange in some oneM2M Constants
  • Bug 492961 - Missing Access check for Notify requests
  • Bug 491796 - Support JSON content format
  • Bug 491797 - Support of CoAP binding
  • Bug 491791 - Enable resource name attribute in creation request
API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

OM2M follows RCP Eclipse plugin development.


Security Issues

SSL/TLS can be configured on the Jetty server to enable security.

Non-Code Aspects

User documentations, examples and tutorials are available on the Eclipse OM2M website.

Usability Details

Eclipse OM2M offers a well documented lightweigth API based on REST principles. The API is exposed through HTTP and CoAP and supports both XML and JSON offering a different choice to adapt to our users needs.

End of Life

Not applied since this is the second release.


OM2M implements the oneM2M standard.


Increasing community around Eclipse OM2M including industrials and universities. 

More details about our main partners are available on our website.