Eclipse OM2M

The Eclipse OM2M architecture follows the ETSI M2M standards. It is composed of the following elements:

  • M2M Device: a machine that runs an M2M device SCL (DSCL) that can be queried by M2M device applications (DAs) via an open interface. An M2M device can connect directly to the M2M Network or indirectly via a gateway that acts as a network proxy.
  • M2M Area Network: provides connectivity between M2M devices, and also between the devices and the M2M gateways. It is based on existing technologies such as Zigbee, Phidgets, M-BUS, KNX, etc.
  • M2M Gateway: a machine that runs an M2M Gateway SCL (GSCL) that can be queried by M2M Gateway applications (GAs) or DAs via an open interface. It identifies and addresses heterogeneous devices, and interconnects M2M area networks with different protocol technologies by performing mapping/converting operations.
  • Wide Area Network provides the core network with access networks to enable M2M devices and gateways to communicate with the M2M network. It is based on existing technologies such as xDSL, GERAN, UTRAN, eUTRAN, W-LAN, WiMAX, etc.
  • M2M Network: provides an M2M Network SCL (NSCL) that can be queried by M2M Network applications (NAs) via an open interface.
  • M2M service capabilities Layer (SCL) provides a horizontal service layer for M2M applications abstracting the complexity of hetergogeneous devices and enhancing M2M interoperability .
  • M2M application a domain-specific software application that interracts with the M2M machines by quering the service layer through a set of open interfaces
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