Eclipse Paho


The scope of the Eclipse Paho project is to provide open source implementations of open and standard messaging protocols that support current and emerging requirements of M2M integration with Web and Enterprise middleware and applications.  It will include client implementations for use on embedded platforms along with corresponding server support as determined by the community.

In order for M2M device and client developers to integrate, develop and test messaging components end-to-end, Paho will address the development of frameworks and sample code needed to support testing and development of end-to-end device connectivity with a server. The project will make these available in an Eclipse M2M sever “sandbox”, as recommended by the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group.  

The Paho project scope includes the development of tooling that will support effective use, integration and testing of the messaging components.

Name Date
2.0.0 (Python client) 2024-02-10
0.20.0 (Go v5 client) 2024-02-03
1.3.2 (C++ client) 2023-12-06
1.3.1 (C++ client) 2023-11-23
1.3.0 (C++ client) 2023-11-22
1.3.13 (C client) 2023-10-19
1.4.3 (Go v3 client) 2023-07-06
1.3.10 (C client) 2022-03-28
1.6.1 (Python client) 2021-10-21
1.3.9 (C client) 2021-05-26
1.3.8 (C client) 2020-12-27
1.3.1 (C client) 2019-08-06
1.4.0 (Photon) 2018-06-27
1.3.0 (Oxygen) 2017-06-28
1.2.0 (Neon) 2016-06-17
1.1.0 2015-01-30
1.0.0 (Luna) 2014-06-25
0.9.0 2014-05-02