Eclipse Gendoc 0.7.0



Gendoc 0.7.0 introduces:

  • Workbench and project Preferences to configure templates that can be used directly from the eclipse workbench without the need to set the source in the template itself.
  • Support for recursive fragments and queries.
  • XLSX as output file format.
  • PPTX as output format.
  • Support for Table diagrams.
  • Gendoc Help catalogs.
  • A number of bug fixes that increase the stability of the Gendoc generator.
Non-Code Aspects

User Guide has been updated and links are provided in the project page. 

All userguide documents are kept with the version suffix.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Wizard for launching documentation generation are provided.

Gendoc Preferences are implemented in this release.

A Gendoc project nature is implemented to configure gendoc aspect in a project