Eclipse eTrice 0.5.0

Release Date

The themes of the next eTrice release are:

  • eTrice.fsm will allow clients to re-use eTrice state machine models and editors inside their own DSL
  • an improved action code editor with syntax highlighting and content assist
  • consolidation of the existing code base
  • improved documentation and tutorials
  • improved usability
  • minor new features

The first item is a major re-factoring which allow clients to build on the feature rich language and tools of eTrice independently of the ROOM language.

Interested parties are invited to join the developer mailings list.


The model formats remain unchanged.

The tooling was heavily re-factored to allow the adoption of the state machine parts (grammar, meta model, textual and graphical editor, model transformation, abstract state machine generator) independently of the ROOM DSL.

Name Date Description
M1 2015/06/05 This milestone integrates the major new features. Until the release there will be only bug fixes and documentation improvements.
M2 2015/06/29 Bug fixes and documentation.
M3 2015/08/28 Bug fixes and documentation, improved tutorials and examples

eTrice.fsm - abstract state machine framework

Allow the adoption of the state machine parts (grammar, meta model, textual and graphical editor, model transformation, abstract state machine generator) independently of the ROOM DSL.
  • Factor out finite state machines to make them reusable independently of ROOM [467879] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
No items.

improved action code editor

The action code editor in the property dialogs of transitions and states used to be a plain text field. This theme is dedicated to a feature rich editor with syntax highlighting and model aware content assist. It is subject to a Google Summer of Code project in 2014.
  • Make action code fields in transition and state dialogs source code aware [467878] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
No items.

consolidation of the existing code base

The eTrice project has made significant progress in terms of features since its launch in 2010. Now we want to emphasize the quality of the code base and will dedicate a major part of our efforts to consolidation.
  • use time unit similar to etphys [414562] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Port Operations and Messages with the same name [449873] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • handle occurrence of same trigger in state and transition point in state machine [449959] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • out of date information in pdf documentation [432812] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • data logging outputs dangling row number, causing problems with tools e.g. gnuplot [438574] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • compiler error if MSC instrumentation generated but ET_ASYNC_MSC_LOGGER_ACTIVATE undefined [439037] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Port Operations will not be translated (C-Generator) [448121] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • fix platform relative import paths [449949] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • external type not handled correctly [458281] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • datadriven Port bugs [466726] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • compile errors in port accesses [445245] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • eTrice project C build config automation [467892] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • unable to edit behavior of derived class [431640] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • unable to open diagrams from a .room model in the root of an Eclipse project [438576] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • parent state navigation does not work without an explicit state machine in inherited base actor [438939] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • "feature 'businessObjects' of ... contains an unresolved proxy" errors, due to absolute paths for imported ActorClass ref ports [439032] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Refined transitions with the same names on different hierarchies [440312] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Message does not apear in the Actionbox of a substate [447814] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Structure diagram rearranged after editing of the room file [447815] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Message Dialog box without Port Operations [449871] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • bad layout in property dialogs in case of swt fallback action code editor [453339] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • changing base class of open diagram with subgraphs causes messy update [454244] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • the defaults for 'save on focus lost' should be true [454403] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • on Unix platforms the action codes are not split at new lines [458240] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • rename refactoring for room models does not work if any cdt project is active in workspace [464018] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • code completion for ActorInstanceConfig does not work [464019] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Reconnecting a guarded transition will change the transition to a triggered transition [464413] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • misplaced ports after auto-layout [402888] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • misplaced SPP after auto layout [403097] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • move Import rule and ImportedFQN rule to core.common [418419] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • intervals greater than 2 seconds are not representable [433229] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Defines in _Utils.h for Port operations are missing [456625] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • detail code translator problem [464022] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Main without arguments [466937] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • SingleThreaded runtime should use Timeintervall that is stezified in etphys [467257] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • check in and clean up generic single threaded runtime [467806] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Structure Editor loses Ports [454287] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Save structure Editor whe opening behaviour editor [467379] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
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minor new features

This theme collects all minor new features not worth to be enumerated separately.
  • add possibility to deactivate detail code translation for C generator [431754] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • generate and translate to macros for member and port access [438313] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • make generation target directories over-ridable in the launch configuration [450375] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • add properties for size of texts in graphical editors [431753] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • generator console should provide hyper links [436722] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
  • Add bendpoints at layerconnections [458008] (target milestone: 0.5.0M1)
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