Eclipse Papyrus 4.0.0

Papyrus 4.0 makes changes on the following topics: 

  • A new preference has been introduced to keep stereotype application with their base element see StereotypeApplication Preference
  • The hyperlink navigation has changed see Hyperlink Navigation
  • Add a preference page to configure the visualisation of  external decorator  see External Decorator
  • Add auto-completion to select the type in the property view see  Auto complete type
  • Add an export to HTML to see model without papyrus see HTML Export
  • Development and adaptation of the Layer tool for the diagrams Layers .
  • Synchronisation with ELK see ELK adaptation
  • Tables improvements:
    • display of a string instead of N/A
    • Matrix improvements
    • save by UUID not the positon
  • Diagrams improvements:
    • some problems about the name label of ports have been fixed
    • some resize action in the class diagram have been fixed.
    • sequence diagram - Better movement  managment of Elements, introduction of combined fragment, RCPTT tests.
  •  Integrate a  tool to adapt your model based on the modification of the profile
  • Architecture framework : stabilization (easier customizations/modifications by the users) and bug corrections
Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
This release is part of Eclipse Photon
Name Date Description
M2 2017/09/30
M3 2017/11/01
M4 2017/12/13
M5 2018/01/31
M6 2018/03/14 API freeze
M7 2018/05/16 Feature & UI freeze
RC1 2018/05/23
RC2 2018/05/30
RC3 2018/06/06
RC4 2018/06/13