Eclipse Papyrus 4.0.0



Papyrus 4.0 makes changes on the following topics: 

  • A new preference has been introduced to keep stereotype application with their base element see StereotypeApplication Preference
  • The hyperlink navigation has changed see Hyperlink Navigation
  • Add a preference page to configure the visualisation of  external decorator  see External Decorator
  • Add auto-completion to select the type in the property view see  Auto complete type
  • Add an export to HTML to see model without papyrus see HTML Export
  • Development and adaptation of the Layer tool for the diagrams Layers .
  • Synchronisation with ELK see ELK adaptation
  • Tables improvements:
    • display of a string instead of N/A
    • Matrix improvements
    • save by UUID not the positon
  • Diagrams improvements:
    • some problems about the name label of ports have been fixed
    • some resize action in the class diagram have been fixed.
    • sequence diagram - Better movement  managment of Elements, introduction of combined fragment, RCPTT tests.
  •  Integrate a  tool to adapt your model based on the modification of the profile
  • Architecture framework : stabilization (easier customizations/modifications by the users) and bug corrections
Architectural Issues

There has been some work on redistributing and publishing the plugins previously contained in the developer update site that is not in the realease.

Since the Photon M6 milestone, there are now new features under the Toolsmiths category:

  • org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.assistants.feature used generate artifacts for papyrus
  • org.eclipse.papyrus.diagramgen.feature used to generate diagrams
  • org.eclipse.papyrus.debug.feature used to debug papyrus diagram
  • org.eclipse.papyrus.junit.featureused to write tests

Papyrus also integrate new fucntional tests that runs on RCPTT (use for sequence diagram)

Security Issues

No security issues known. 

Non-Code Aspects

All relevant files have been migrated to UTF-8 and Linux EndOfLine have been saved. Now gerrit verify UTF-8 and linux EndOfLine.

Actions done:

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
End of Life

There is no migration, files created under papyrus 3.0 can be opened with papyrus 4.0

You may also look at the API Evolution Report.


Papyrus 4.0 continues to support modeling with the following standards as part of the simultaneous release or as incubation additional component (*): 


The Papyrus Industrial Consortium continues to federate the development efforts on Papyrus in addition to facilitate the coordination of the Papyrus developers community in order to meet industrial needs. 

This release is part of Eclipse Photon