Eclipse Papyrus 4.0.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Papyrus (122)
Core (35)
  • 355731 move element.diagram into a submodel not loaded should be forbidden [resolved/fixed]
  • 403167 selected the link representing a message doesn't work [closed/fixed]
  • 434127 All Papyrus Diagrams should be optional [resolved/fixed]
  • 439489 copy.paste on interactions does not clone elements !! [closed/worksforme]
  • 482383 no icon a viewpoint generate a MalformedURLException [resolved/fixed]
  • 486472 Invalid input [resolved/duplicate]
  • 486708 missing PapyrusViewpoint.png [resolved/fixed]
  • 487644 The 0..1 multiplicity of an attribute can NOT be set [closed/worksforme]
  • 518614 The name of ports and associations instead of the label is shown [resolved/fixed]
  • 518885 Installation of Extra components impossible in "default user workflow" [closed/wontfix]
  • 521476 plugin that declare a menu not at the right place [resolved/fixed]
  • 522030 Removal of plugin [resolved/fixed]
  • 522427 Stereotyped comment crash eclipse [closed/fixed]
  • 525665 Remove unused dependencies to batik [resolved/fixed]
  • 527664 Architector Model Editor remove CreationCommandClass property value [resolved/fixed]
  • 528490 Remove plugin and feature string from name [resolved/fixed]
  • 528757 Remove use of deprecated SemanticAdapter in StateMachine [resolved/fixed]
  • 528776 Remove auto-generated TODO [resolved/fixed]
  • 528881 Method modifier should follow convention order [resolved/fixed]
  • 528895 Field modifier should follow convention order [resolved/fixed]
  • 529840 ArchitectureDescriptionListener not called if a model is copied from another workspace or filesystem [resolved/fixed]
  • 530156 Avoid recomputing the Stereotype when applying it [resolved/fixed]
  • 531270 Papyrus must provide a common way to save and load all Papyrus EMF models with the same options [closed/fixed]
  • 532101 Make AF editor faster [resolved/fixed]
  • 532104 Transform your Workspace reference to platform reference [closed/fixed]
  • 532299 Add tooltips on properties in architecture framework editor [resolved/fixed]
  • 534023 Move non-generated code outside src-gen [closed/fixed]
  • 535098 Validation not working with junit. [closed/fixed]
  • 535185 Add Automatic-Module-Name header for Java 9 compatibility [resolved/fixed]
  • 535209 Remove unused import.variable warning [closed/fixed]
  • 535643 Duplicated values in Manifest [resolved/fixed]
  • 535674 Missing icon in Basic Papyrus Model [resolved/fixed]
  • 535676 Spam logs [resolved/fixed]
  • 536003 Remove incubation in All Papyrus Core Projects [resolved/fixed]
  • 536007 Remove deprecated class PasteWithModelCommandHandler [resolved/fixed]
Diagram (51)
  • 411262 Impossible to create a sequence diagram from an existing interaction [closed/fixed]
  • 438748 All Compartment Stereotype disappears when removing one stereotype [closed/fixed]
  • 445010 Selecting of a target anchor should be simplified [closed/fixed]
  • 477949 ClassCastEx—Āeption while moving link label (not always) [closed/worksforme]
  • 478187 symbol compartment not present [closed/fixed]
  • 479817 Association class can't be drawn in Eclipse Mars with Papyrus [closed/fixed]
  • 491434 Popup missing [closed/fixed]
  • 494414 MOS are not deleted when a message is deleted [closed/fixed]
  • 494960 Viewpoints cannot override the diagram creation command [closed/fixed]
  • 495504 unable to select datatype for class attributes in papyrus [closed/fixed]
  • 497448 SWTException is thrown when Class creation is undone and StringEditor is active [closed/worksforme]
  • 512889 Double-click on some elements papyrus try to create a new diagram [closed/fixed]
  • 515998 Fix existed Tests for the Sequence diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 516459 Navigation mechanism with Alt+hover does not work on Linux [resolved/fixed]
  • 516559 Resize bevavior should not be proportional [closed/fixed]
  • 518361 Message creation does not work [closed/fixed]
  • 518695 Viewpoints are not taken into account when using Templates [resolved/fixed]
  • 521232 NPE if SVG unit is not in pixels [closed/fixed]
  • 521260 Transition is deleted from the model when its kind is changed to internal [resolved/fixed]
  • 521671 Invalid location when created [closed/worksforme]
  • 521829 Preference should exist to move other messages [resolved/fixed]
  • 522029 Regroup Actor css rules [resolved/fixed]
  • 522729 execution specification is not well set with message reply [resolved/fixed]
  • 525486 ClassCastException in DisplayEvent.getEventFromExecutionSpecification [closed/worksforme]
  • 527101 PortNameEditPart should extend FloatingLabelEditPart rather than PapyrusLabelEditPart [resolved/fixed]
  • 527259 Fix the JUnit tests TestCompositeDiagramTopNode [resolved/fixed]
  • 527333 Some error exist in event replacement for execution specification [closed/fixed]
  • 527744 Classifier Behavior and state diagram [closed/worksforme]
  • 528239 Test regression failure at testDeleteReplyMessage and testDeleteSyncMessage [resolved/fixed]
  • 528264 EditPolicy "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" must be disabled on Activity Diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 528332 EditPolicy "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" must be disabled on Component Diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 528334 EditPolicy "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" must be disabled on Composite Diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 528499 EditPolicy "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" must be disabled on Sequence Diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 528502 EditPolicy "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" must be disabled on StateMachine Diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 528726 While reorienting a message, it must be forbidden to place receive event above send event [closed/worksforme]
  • 528751 Issue when deletion of several message [closed/duplicate]
  • 528839 Weak reference have to be tested [resolved/fixed]
  • 529883 it is impossible to move up a message [resolved/fixed]
  • 531521 the grid must not update position of elements in the notation [resolved/fixed]
  • 531729 Explicit the preference used to draw common bendpoints on connectors [resolved/fixed]
  • 533706 RCPTT build job for master branch [resolved/fixed]
  • 534016 Diagram should be cast to CSSDiagram, not CSSDiagramImpl [closed/fixed]
  • 534134 When a move of ExecutionSpecification, the other ExecutionSpecification between its start and end will move too [resolved/fixed]
  • 534941 The execution specification must be not moved from a Lifeline to another one [resolved/fixed]
  • 535259 Moving an ExecutionSpecification with oblique message does not work correctly [resolved/fixed]
  • 535272 Exception when selecting actor [resolved/fixed]
  • 535343 SVG cannot be displayed [closed/fixed]
  • 535459 NPE in SequenceDiagramselecting 2 Lifeline [resolved/fixed]
  • 535460 : deleting a message selecting its label doesn't clean properly the model [resolved/fixed]
  • 535680 Validate model related to composite diagram [resolved/fixed]
  • 537343 Truncated Comment Body Display with Rich Text Editor [new/unresolved]
Marte (1)
  • 494119 installation not working through the install additional papyrus component [closed/wontfix]
Others (13)
  • 443856 Install Papyrus Additional Components: cannot click links in info tooltip [closed/wontfix]
  • 477456 Install Papyrus additional components: shows error, points to error log [closed/wontfix]
  • 484050 Install Additional Papyrus Components is added to every perspective [closed/wontfix]
  • 501314 Install Papyrus additional components not working [closed/wontfix]
  • 516694 publication of a dedicated update site for developer.junit [closed/fixed]
  • 517920 please annot your model with high level description [closed/fixed]
  • 521572 Various cleanups [resolved/fixed]
  • 525256 moving menu from main menu to developer menu [resolved/fixed]
  • 531190 Remove generated tests framework and plugins [resolved/fixed]
  • 535055 the additional buttons for dictionnary and reference UML Element doesn't work [resolved/fixed]
  • 535418 Test the upcoming Photon release [closed/fixed]
  • 535445 the display of reference to UML model element is not supported in table whereas it works on diagram with the Richtext renderer [resolved/fixed]
  • 535794 Correct breaking dependency test [closed/fixed]
SysML (2)
  • 477682 behaviour completely flawed when using canonical=true [closed/wontfix]
  • 480625 problem with initialization of diagram [closed/wontfix]
Table (13)
  • 515737 Papyrus Table must be able to display list in cells with a new line for each object owned by the list and fake line between values [resolved/fixed]
  • 515806 Provide a preference to choose the string to display instead of N.A [resolved/fixed]
  • 520571 Documentation for the preference to choose the string to display instead of N.A must be provided [resolved/fixed]
  • 520602 Columns are not deleted when the semantic element is destroyed from the ModelExplorer [resolved/fixed]
  • 522721 New Matrix Framework must provide JUnit Tests [resolved/fixed]
  • 525245 the wrapper used for rows sources and columns sources are not destroyed when there wrapped element is destroyed [resolved/fixed]
  • 525367 Method provided by the interface org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.nattable.manager.table.IMatrixTableWidgetManager must be implemented for columns [resolved/fixed]
  • 531643 Remove all table files creation from the Papyrus New Wizard, excepted NattableConfiguration file [resolved/fixed]
  • 533439 Papyrus nattableConfiguration file must use a dedicated resource extending AbtractEMFResource provided by oep.emf. [resolved/fixed]
  • 535070 Table can't reopen [closed/fixed]
  • 535073 Fill action with Increment doesn't work fine for negative number [resolved/fixed]
  • 535120 NPE coming from NatTableDragSourceListener [resolved/fixed]
  • 535639 Single Datatype are not editable in table [closed/fixed]
Toolsmiths (1)
  • 532709 Generated elementtypeset should have an xmi:id [closed/fixed]
Views (6)
  • 510193 Renaming + moving element deletes StereotypeApplication [closed/worksforme]
  • 517752 Papyrus views have the project name in their titles [resolved/fixed]
  • 521473 Label should not be set automatically [resolved/fixed]
  • 522124 Interaction between Component of the Property View must be easier to do [resolved/fixed]
  • 522564 Label in TreeViewer is not updated [resolved/fixed]
  • 534903 Failed to build project caused by incorrect Target Model URI defined in the project properties [closed/fixed]