Eclipse Stardust 3.1.0

  • Support for Benchmark Definition
  • New Global Permissions for
    • managing runtime artifacts
    • modifying data via the document management service
    • modifying the Audit Trail database
    • modifying activity instances
    • modifying activity and process instances attributes
  • Correspondence Feature to generate Correspondence from pre-defined Templates
  • Transition of the Stardust Portal UI to HTML(5) Technologies (ongoing)
  • New Auditor Role for read-only Authorization
  • General Portal Enhancements
    • Participant Manager View enhancements (support for new Auditor role and usability enhancements)
    • Authorization Manager View enhancements (support for the Allow and Deny authorization and usability enhancements)
    • Provide resubmission information for Activity views, Resubmission view and available resources views
    • Support for new "Related" link type in Process Details View
  • Business Modeler Enhancements
    • Overwrite option for Model deployment
    • Flag to allow bulk completion from Worklists for Interactive Activities
    • Support for Quality Assurance Codes
    • Support for Application Retries
    • Support for Resubmission Pattern
    • Authorization tab to define declarative security
    • Model Version Check and Upgrade
  • Technology Preview for Importing and Exporting Audit Trail Information

More details can be found in the releasenotes.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
M1 2016/01/12
RC1 2016/01/13
RC2 2016/01/15