Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)

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EASE allows the execution of script code (using scripting languages such as JS, Python, ...) within the context of the Eclipse Platform/RCP. As they are running in the same JRE as Eclipse itself, these scripts have direct access to any class of your application and may interact with your workbench.

Through keywords within header data, scripts might be integrated seamlessly into the UI as toolbar and/or menu contributions. Thus the functionality could be extended by providing scripts only. No need to build, export and install a new feature, just provide a script and add it to your application at runtime.

Scripting allows to easily extend an existing application, helps in automating everyday tasks and aids in rapid prototyping during application development. 

Following goals for the project have been defined:

  1. Execute scripts within the running IDE.
  2. Support multiple script languages via a generic service that creates (multiple) script interpreters.
  3. Scripts are capable of interacting with the IDE, like accessing classes on the Eclipse/JRE classpath and calling methods upon them.
  4. Seamless integration of scripts into UI
  5. Scripts should be attachable to toolbars and menus
  6. Debuggers are aware of the script language/Java classes co-existence by providing variables access
  7. Provide means to sign scripts.
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From December 17th, 2014 to April 24th, 2018

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