Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (Eclipse EASE™)


EASE provides a uniform environment to create, store, modify and execute user generated scripts that run within the Eclipse RCP context.

Such scripts typically make use of the components of the running Eclipse application, although this is not mandatory.

Included components:

  • script interpreters for dedicated scripting languages

    (such as rhino, jython, groovy, ruby, nashorn - depending on their licensing policy)
  • UI components

    like run targets, debugger, script management, consoles and workspace integration
  • common libraries to be used by script interpreters for most common used tasks

    (workspace interaction, UI interaction)
  • Security mechanisms allowing to sign/verify scripts

    as scripts may be consumed from external sources, users should be able to execute signed scripts only or get warnings on unsigned scripts
Name Date
0.9.0 2022-09-20
0.8.0 2021-06-20
0.7.0 2019-08-31
0.6.0 2018-04-24
0.5.0 2017-10-01
0.4.0 2016-12-20
0.3.0 2016-05-12
0.2.0 2015-05-22
0.1.0 2014-12-17