Eclipse EGerrit 1.0.0 (Neon)

Release Date

Feature parity with the web application. Need the following implementation

  • Revert
  • Followup
  • Star


  • Implement some key features to directly execute some Gerrit commands on the selected review (Rebase, Check-out, abandon, etc..)

EGerrit editor

  • Allow multiple selection of files and open the compare editor for each file
  • Open commits in EGit
  • Refresh the Dashboard with list of reviews based on the selected information in the editor (link: project, author, committer, branch, ... )

Compare editor

  • Navigation from one comment to the next/previous
  • Navigation from one file to the next/previous
  • Navigation back to the editor
  • Navigation (F3)
  • Renamed files
  • Hide/show comments


  • After checkout experience

First user experience

  • Ease the way to connect to a new server
  • OAuth support
  • Internationalization of strings

Query compatible with Gerrit 2.9 and newer


EGerrit will use the internationalization to display its strings.

Target Environments

EGerrit is compatible with minimal JAVA version used in NEON.


Add Support for Internationalization

It will be possible to defined properties to internationalize the string used as Buttons, messages used in EGerrit.
This release is part of Neon