Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool 3.1 (Mars)

Release Date
  • Features as part of the Mars p2 repositories

  • Eclipse for Testers as an EPP download

  • The UI will be based on e4 RCP with compatibility layer.

  • The Remote Control components will support Swing, SWT, RCP 3.x and RCP 4.x (e4), and JavaFX

  • This release introduces a client API for test automation. We have made significant internal changes, but there are only minimal changes necessary to update any extensions

  • We are no longer running tests on Mac systems


UI: Support for Eclipse standard I18N is included. The project provides an English language version.

Target Environments

Eclipse Kepler, Eclipse Juno, Eclipse Luna, Eclipse Mars

Miniumum JRE for test execution: 1.5. For JavaFX tests, 1.8 is required.

Microsoft Windows (tested on Windows 7, Windows 8)

Linux (tested on CentOS)

Name Date Description
Mars M7 2015/05/08 Eclipse milestone
Mars RC1 2015/05/20 Eclipse milestone
Mars RC2 2015/05/29 Eclipse milestone
Mars RC3 2015/06/05 Eclipse milestone
Mars RC4 2015/06/12 Eclipse milestone

Introduction of Jubula Client API

This adds the ability to write Jubula tests via Java code, bypassing the ITE
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Support for Java 8 as a runtime environment

We now run our tests for Swing, SWT/RCP and JavaFX on Java 8 runtimes. There was no ticket for the RCP switch since all went without any problems.
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Version number adaptations

You can now create versions of Projects that use major, minor and micro numbers as well as qualifiers as their version number. Version numbers can consist of just a number, just a qualifier, or a number and a qualififier, e.g. 1.0_release, 1.0, 1.0.0, 1.0.0_release, version3

Addition of description view

You can now enter descriptions for nodes (Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Jobs) in your tests. The descriptions are entered using a markup language, that you can select in the Project Properties. Once you have entered descriptions, you can see them via the Description View when you select a node with a description.
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New option for reporting to ALM systems: update fields

You can now specify in the Project properties that you want to update fields on tasks in ALM repositories after a test has run. This allows you to automatically change e.g. the status of tasks based on test results. There is a property inspector to let you see what properties a specific task has.

Updates to the JavaFX toolkit

We have continued to add support for new areas of JavaFX testing. We have also fixed issues occurring in JavaFX tests.
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This release is part of Mars