Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool 3.1 (Mars)

3.1 (Mars)


This release introduces a client API to Jubula which allows Jubula tests to be written as Java code. It includes an experimental converter for migrating from an ITE project to a client API project. The client API uses exactly the same actions and implementations as the actions in the Jubula ITE.

Alongside the client API, the following features have been introduced to the ITE:

  • a description view and the option to add longer descriptions to items in the test
  • project version numbers can now consist of major, minor and micro versions as well as a qualifier
  • when reporting test results to external ALM systems, rules can be added to the project that define how to change or update the status of the items in the external system based on the results of the tests

In addition, there have been updates to the JavaFX toolkit and the HTML toolkit.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

None known.

Security Issues

There are no known security issues.

Non-Code Aspects

The user documentation has been migrated from a latex-based source to a docbook source. The documentation is available as HTML and as online help but no longer as a PDF.

The Extension Manual has been renamed to the "Developer Manual". Information has been added to the Developer Manual on using the API and the converter.

End of Life
  • Tests on Mac are no longer executed for the remote control components
  • .NET has been retired as a supported toolkit.
  • Tutorials and talks have been given at conferences and user training courses have been held
  • Questions in the forum are answered
  • Questions in the developer list are answered
  • TIckets from users in Bugzilla are triaged and commented, and fixed where possible / appropriate
  • We participated in the hackathon at Eclipse Con 2015
This release is part of Mars