Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool 6.0 (Photon)

Release Date
  • Features as part of the Photon p2 repositories

  • Eclipse for Testers as an EPP download

  • The UI is based on e4 RCP with compatibility layer.

  • The Remote Control components support Swing, SWT, RCP 3.x and RCP 4.x (e4), and JavaFX



UI: Support for Eclipse standard I18N is included. The project provides an English language version.

Target Environments

Eclipse Kepler, Eclipse Juno, Eclipse Luna, Eclipse Mars, Eclipse Neon, Eclipse Oxygen, Eclipse Photon

Miniumum JRE for test execution: 1.5. For JavaFX tests, 1.8 is required.

Microsoft Windows (tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1)

Linux (tested on CentOS)

Name Date Description
RC1 2018/05/25
RC2 2018/06/01
RC3 2018/06/08
RC4 2018/06/15

Component name proposals can be reduced

In order to keep an overview of component names, you can reduce the amount of proposals from the content assist by defining categories for component names in the object mapping editor

Todo Teststyle

A new teststyle is available which searches for specified strings (default #ToDo) in e.g. Test Cases and shows them in the Problems view so you can better track which things must be done.

Test AUT

In the AUT configuration dialog there is now the possibility to start your AUT. This is useful to test if your configuration is working.

JUnit report export

When generating Test Result XML/HTML files from Test Results, the generated files now include an additional lightweight JUnit report. You can also define referenced Test Cases as Test Suites for the generation of the JUnit report with a newly added parameter called "JUnitTestSuite"

Table actions supported for SWT tree tables

You can use table actions on SWT tree tables as well.
This release is part of Eclipse Photon