Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool 6.0 (Photon)

6.0 (Photon)


This release contains:

  • The option to reduce component name proposals when writing tests by using categories in the object mapping editor
  • A new teststyle function that lets you use todo as a marker which will then be shown in the problems view
  • The possibility to test the AUT start in the AUT configuration dialog so that you can address any problems more quickly
  • SWT Tree Tables now support actions from the Table component as well (e.g. check existence of column, select value from column)
  • JUnit as a test result export format
API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

None known.

Security Issues

None known

Non-Code Aspects
  • Documentation is available in the help center
  • Cheat sheets are updated
Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
  • Questions in the forum are answered
  • Questions in the developer list are answered
  • TIckets from users in Bugzilla are triaged and commented, and fixed where possible / appropriate
  • We will be participating in Eclipse Con Europe


This release is part of Eclipse Photon