Eclipse LSP4E 0.11.0

Release Date

Same as usual


Same as usual


Same as usual

Target Environments

LSP4E 0.11.0 is expected to run in Eclipse Platform 4.13.

Allow an extender/consumer of LSP4E's debug to provide an extended debug adapter protocol
An extender of the LSP4E debug may have some extensions to the Debug Adapter Protocol they want to expose in Eclipse with additional UI elements. For example, a memory view can be enabled in the UI if the extender's extensions to the DAP support reading and writing memory. To allow this extenders can extend DSPLaunchDelegate, overriding the new createDebugTarget method. Within that method a specialized version of the DSPDebugTarget can be used that enables extended functionality. To make this easier, the DSPDebugTarget can be extended, overriding createLauncher, to create an LSP4J launcher that uses the extended interfaces.
Support for variable modification using Debug Adapter Protocol
Support for more LSP operations
* textDocument/typeDefinition * [completion] Support for choice snippet * WorkspaceSymbols in Quick Access * textDocument/prepareRename
Regular maintenance (bugfix, perf and UI improvements, releng...)
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-09