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The Eclipse OMR project consists of a highly integrated set of open source C and C++ components that can be used to build robust language runtimes that will support many different hardware and operating system platforms. These components include but are not limited to: memory management, threading, platform port (abstraction) library, diagnostic file support, monitoring support, garbage collection, and native Just In Time compilation.

The long term goal for the OMR project is to foster an open ecosystem of language runtime developers to collaborate and collectively innovate with hardware platform designers, operating system developers, as well as tool and framework developers and to provide a robust runtime technology platform so that language implementers can much more quickly and easily create more fully featured languages to enrich the options available to programmers.

Planned functionality:

  1. Thread Library
  2. Port Library
  3. Garbage Collection
  4. Diagnostic support
  5. Just In Time Compiler
  6. Tooling interfaces
  7. Hardware exploitation (e.g. RDMA, GPU, SIMD, etc.)
  8. Any technology implementing capabilities that can be reused in multiple languages, including source code translators, byte code or AST interpreters, etc.
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From July 26th, 2018 to July 26th, 2018

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