Eclipse OMR

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This project consists of core componentry that can be (re)used to build language runtimes along with test cases to operationally document and maintain the semantics of those components. It is a set of functional, robust components that have no language specificity and direct component level tests. At least initially, it will not include any components or tests that are implemented in language specific ways, and it will not include any code that surfaces OMR component capabilities to any particular language except as sample code. Code and tests for language specific capabilities probably belong in projects devoted to particular languages, but as the OMR project becomes consumed by more languages, it may make sense for some language specific code to reside within the OMR project to accelerate problem discovery for OMR code contributions.

Alongside this project, we will be open sourcing our CRuby implementation that leverages the OMR technology, and we have a CPython implementation also that leverages some of the OMR technology. As we contribute the underlying OMR technology to the OMR project, we'll also open source the implementations to leverage that OMR technology for CRuby and eventually CPython.

Creation Review2016-03-02