Eclipse Tycho 1.0.0


  • Update all eclipse dependencies (JDT, Equinox and p2) to Neon.2
  • Add artifact MD5 checksums to generated p2 repositories
  • Tycho compiler now uses project-specific compiler settings by default
  • One p2 mirror can now be declared for many p2 repositories on the same host/URL prefix
  • Automatic detection of TestNG unit tests
  • Add support for PDE root files using root.folder.<subfolder> syntax
  • Consistently use ${} for value of both maven -SNAPSHOT and PDE .qualifier version suffix

Bug fixes:

  • Fail build early and with a clear error message when download of artifacts from baseline repository used for comparison fails
  • tycho-versions-plugin can now be used with pom-less builds
  • Enable build of features with multiple os/ws/arch filters


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