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Commits on this project (last 12 months).
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Commits on this project by individuals over the last three months.
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Commits on this project by supporting organization over the last three months.
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Member companies supporting this project over the last three months.
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PMC Lead

  • Alexander Kurtakov's picture
    Alexander Kurtakov

PMC Members

  • Alexander Kurtakov's picture
    Alexander Kurtakov
  • Andrew Clement's picture
    Andrew Clement
  • David Williams's picture
    David Williams
  • Doug Schaefer's picture
    Doug Schaefer
  • Eric Clayberg's picture
    Eric Clayberg
  • Greg Watson's picture
    Greg Watson
  • Roland Grunberg's picture
    Roland Grunberg


  • Doug Schaefer's picture
    Doug Schaefer

Historical Committers

  • Alain Magloire's picture
    Alain Magloire
  • Alex Nan's picture
    Alex Nan
  • Allan Pratt's picture
    Allan Pratt
  • Anandi Krishnamurthy's picture
    Anandi Krishnamurthy
  • Andre Weinand's picture
    Andre Weinand
  • Andrew Hoppe's picture
    Andrew Hoppe
  • Andrew Niefer's picture
    Andrew Niefer
  • Antony Miguel's picture
    Antony Miguel
  • Ashish Mathur's picture
    Ashish Mathur
  • Bertrand Portier's picture
    Bertrand Portier
  • Bianca Jiang's picture
    Bianca Jiang
  • Bob Duncan's picture
    Bob Duncan
  • Bogdan Gheorghe's picture
    Bogdan Gheorghe
  • Brian Battersby's picture
    Brian Battersby
  • Chris Wiebe's picture
    Chris Wiebe
  • Cindy Maier's picture
    Cindy Maier
  • Curtis d\'Entremont's picture
    Curtis d\'Entremont
  • Dan Lee's picture
    Dan Lee
  • Dan Rubel's picture
    Dan Rubel
  • Daniel Berg's picture
    Daniel Berg
  • Dave Orme's picture
    Dave Orme
  • Dave Scott's picture
    Dave Scott
  • Dave Smith's picture
    Dave Smith
  • Dave Steinberg's picture
    Dave Steinberg
  • David C. Brown's picture
    David C. Brown
  • David Daoust's picture
    David Daoust
  • David Hinson's picture
    David Hinson
  • David Hodges's picture
    David Hodges
  • David Inglis's picture
    David Inglis
  • Dominique Guilbaud's picture
    Dominique Guilbaud
  • DuWayne Morris's picture
    DuWayne Morris
  • Dwayne Dreakford's picture
    Dwayne Dreakford
  • Ed Merks's picture
    Ed Merks
  • Eiji Morito's picture
    Eiji Morito
  • Elena Litani's picture
    Elena Litani
  • Eric Bordeau's picture
    Eric Bordeau
  • Eric Clayberg's picture
    Eric Clayberg
  • Ernest Jessee's picture
    Ernest Jessee
  • Eugene Chan's picture
    Eugene Chan
  • Frank Budinsky's picture
    Frank Budinsky
  • Gili Mendel's picture
    Gili Mendel
  • Glenn Weidner's picture
    Glenn Weidner
  • Harm Sluiman's picture
    Harm Sluiman
  • Hiroyuki Inaba's picture
    Hiroyuki Inaba
  • Hoda Amer's picture
    Hoda Amer
  • Javier Garcia's picture
    Javier Garcia
  • Jeff McAffer's picture
    Jeff McAffer
  • Jeff Nevicosi's picture
    Jeff Nevicosi
  • Jeremy Handcock's picture
    Jeremy Handcock
  • Jim Myers's picture
    Jim Myers
  • Joe Toomey's picture
    Joe Toomey
  • Joe Winchester's picture
    Joe Winchester
  • John Camelon's picture
    John Camelon
  • John Duimovich's picture
    John Duimovich
  • John Gerken's picture
    John Gerken
  • Jon Hoover's picture
    Jon Hoover
  • Kain Coleman's picture
    Kain Coleman
  • Kari Halsted's picture
    Kari Halsted
  • Kathryn Fryer's picture
    Kathryn Fryer
  • Kenn Hussey's picture
    Kenn Hussey
  • Kent D Siefkes's picture
    Kent D Siefkes
  • Kevin Haaland's picture
    Kevin Haaland
  • Kevin Mooney's picture
    Kevin Mooney
  • Kleo Hapitas's picture
    Kleo Hapitas
  • Kouichi Nakamura's picture
    Kouichi Nakamura
  • Leo Treggiari's picture
    Leo Treggiari
  • Marcelo Paternostro's picture
    Marcelo Paternostro
  • Marius Slavescu's picture
    Marius Slavescu
  • Mark D Dunn's picture
    Mark D Dunn
  • Martin Lescuyer's picture
    Martin Lescuyer
  • Masaki Wakao's picture
    Masaki Wakao
  • Michael Sorenson's picture
    Michael Sorenson
  • Micheal Norman's picture
    Micheal Norman
  • Mikhail Khodjaiants's picture
    Mikhail Khodjaiants
  • Missing name Mising name's picture
    Missing name Mising name
  • Nagarajan Kalaimani's picture
    Nagarajan Kalaimani
  • Neil Sanderson's picture
    Neil Sanderson
  • Nellie Chau's picture
    Nellie Chau
  • Pankaj Kulkarni's picture
    Pankaj Kulkarni
  • Paul Slauenwhite's picture
    Paul Slauenwhite
  • Paul Slauenwhite's picture
    Paul Slauenwhite
  • Peter Sun's picture
    Peter Sun
  • Peter Walker's picture
    Peter Walker
  • Phil Muldoon's picture
    Phil Muldoon
  • Pratik Shah's picture
    Pratik Shah
  • Qiyan Li's picture
    Qiyan Li
  • Randy Hudson's picture
    Randy Hudson
  • Richard Duggan's picture
    Richard Duggan
  • Richard Kulp's picture
    Richard Kulp
  • Rick Moseley's picture
    Rick Moseley
  • Rob Sinclair's picture
    Rob Sinclair
  • Robert Danek's picture
    Robert Danek
  • Samson Wai's picture
    Samson Wai
  • Scott E. Schneider's picture
    Scott E. Schneider
  • Sean Evoy's picture
    Sean Evoy
  • Sebastien Marineau's picture
    Sebastien Marineau
  • Sheldon Lee-Loy's picture
    Sheldon Lee-Loy
  • Si Dinh's picture
    Si Dinh
  • Srimanth Mising name's picture
    Srimanth Mising name
  • Sung-Jun Pak's picture
    Sung-Jun Pak
  • Suzanne Dirkers's picture
    Suzanne Dirkers
  • Thomas Arman's picture
    Thomas Arman
  • Thomas Fletcher's picture
    Thomas Fletcher
  • Todd Merriweather's picture
    Todd Merriweather
  • Tomoki Shiratori's picture
    Tomoki Shiratori
  • Valentina Popescu's picture
    Valentina Popescu
  • Victor L. Havin's picture
    Victor L. Havin
  • Victoria Lacroix's picture
    Victoria Lacroix
  • Vishnu Mising name's picture
    Vishnu Mising name
  • Vladimir Hirsl's picture
    Vladimir Hirsl
  • Wayne Sherrill's picture
    Wayne Sherrill
  • Will Goddin's picture
    Will Goddin
  • Yoshihiro Yasuoka's picture
    Yoshihiro Yasuoka

Architecture Council Top Level Project Representative

  • John Duimovich's picture
    John Duimovich

Planning Council Representative

  • Alexander Kurtakov's picture
    Alexander Kurtakov